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Winnie Dunn

Living Sensationally

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How do you feel when you bite into a pear...wear a feather boa...stand in a noisy auditorium...or look for a friend in a crowd?

Living Sensationally explains how people's individual sensory patterns affect the way we react to everything that happens to us throughout the day. Some people will adore the grainy texture of a pear, while others will shudder at the idea of this texture in their mouths. Touching a feather boa will be fun and luxurious to some, and others will bristle at the idea of all those feathers brushing on the skin. Noisy, busy environments will energize some people, and will overwhelm others.The author identifies four major sensory types: Seekers; Bystanders; Avoiders and Sensors. Readers can use the questionnaire to find their own patterns and the patterns of those around them, and can benefit from practical sensory ideas for individuals, families and businesses. Armed with the information in Living Sensationally

"Dr. Winnie Dunn has solved one of the great mysteries of life, the sensory puzzle! This amazing book helps everyone understand their sensory system and thereby improves quality of life. This book is essential for anyone who wants to understand themselves and their family, friends, and community." Brenda Smith Myles

Dr. Winnie Dunn is a world renowned expert on the ways that sensory experiences affect our everyday lives. She has studied babies to older adults to identify patterns of reactions to sensations, and has published more than 100 journal articles, book chapters and books. Her book is written for the public and contains over 100 entertaining stories to illustrate how people's sensory reactions affect their relationships and daily life. She has received numerous research and teaching awards as well, and has been invited to speak throughout the world. She is professor and chair of the Department of Occupational Therapy Education at the University of Kansas.

213 pages. 2009

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