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Mandi C. Mathis. Illustrated by Danielle Ragogna

The Littlest Inventor

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There needs to be more emphasis on what a child can do instead of what he cannot do.--Temple Grandin

The Littlest Inventor is a brilliantly colored picture book featuring a smart, sensitive boy with sensory issues.

These issues make it challenging to experience something most of us have no problem with―i.e., a simple trip to the grocery store. However, by being self-aware, creative, and proactive, the "littlest inventor"--a boy fascinated by electricity and its pioneers--succeeds in the very task he finds most difficult. He invents his own resources and tools to make the trip fun! For those with sensory processing disorder (SPD), life can often be overwhelming. However, when equipped with knowledge to help ourselves and confidence to be ourselves, life becomes not just manageable, but enjoyable.

"This book is really about self advocacy and giving them tools to solve their own problems," [author Mandi] Mathis said. "Kids like [her son,] Sawyer need book characters like them. They don't need to read just about kids who have a totally different trajectory in life. And parents needed characters like their kids to read about in a positive way," she said."--The Oconee Leader, Athens, GA.

"These days, I'm finding myself reading a lot of really thick textbooks on the subject of autism and sensory processing disorder. As a children's book with limited text and some gorgeous illustrations, this was an absolute breeze to read. I really enjoyed It . . If you have a young child with sensory issues, (or if you have an older child whose issues you need to explain to your younger children), this is a great book to get. If you have a elementary school or preschool library to stock, then this book belongs there. The Littlest Inventor is a great practical book with twin messages of acceptance and the will to overcome difficulties...."--Gavin Bollard, Life-with-Asperger's.blogspot from Australia

Mandi Mathis is from Eastman, Georgia and graduated from the University of Georgia and Pepperdine School of Law. She currently works at Cowsert and Avery, LLP in Athens, Georgia, and serves on the Butterfly Dreams Farm Therapeutic Riding Program's Board of Directors. She was introduced to the world of sensory processing disorder while running through the grocery store at a full sprint with her youngest son, Sawyer, tucked under her arm like a football while screaming at the top of his lungs. He was subsequently diagnosed with Asperger's and SPD. Teaching Sawyer to calm and advocate for himself is one of her greatest accomplishments. Telling this part of Sawyer's story to help others is a dream come true.

6 - 9 years; Grade Level: 1-4. 32 pages. 2016

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