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Graciela Tiscare̱o-Sato

Letting Your Child‰۪s Wild Side Out

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Do you have (or teach) a young child who is blind or visually impaired? å¥ Are you wondering what kind of life your child will have in the next five years?

å¥ Would you like to be inspired by watching one childåÕs success story? å¥ Are you looking for recreational activities for your child who is visually-impaired?

Then you should consider this one-of-a-kind DVD, developed by Genro and Graciela Sato--parents of a happy, confident, literate child who is blind and hearing impaired. ItåÕ's a five-year case study on how one family embraced early intervention services, applied them, and laid a solid foundation for their child to master new skills. Their daughter is now a downhill skier, trapeze artist, bicyclist, musician and young cook. The DVD is full of photos and videos of their daughter in action in the first five years of her active life of learning.

Also available now from Special Needs Project is the new companion DVD, Letting Your ChildåÕs Literate Side Out: Raising a Child Who Loves to Learn--the familyåÕ's successful journey toward Braille literacy in spite of their child's dual-sensory impairment.

A special discount is available for the set of both DVD's. Proceeds will go into the childåÕ's college fund, and a portion will be donated to Blind Babies Foundation (BBF)--the organization largely responsible for providing early, foundational knowledge to the family to raise their daughter as an independent and confident person.

For parents of children with disabilities, especially for those who are blind and visually impaired (and the professionals and educators who serve them).

Running time: 30 minutes

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