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Wendy Murawski and Lisa Dieker

Leading the Co-Teaching Dance

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Learn how to implement co-teaching in your school!

This invaluable resource provides school leaders with the strategies, resources, best practices, techniques, and materials they will need to establish and maintain successful co-teaching teams in their schools. Murawski and Dieker draw on their own extensive experience and research to address the critical key factors:

... Defining what co-teaching is and is not;

... understanding the menu of options and the benefits of co-teaching;

... the 5 keys to co-teaching and to leading co-teaching;

... developing the school culture and necessary structure to support co-teaching;

... scheduling strategies;

... planning strategies;

... implementing co-teaching and understanding co-instruction;

... observation and feedback; data collection;

... institutionalizing co-teaching; and

... disseminating your success.

195 pages. 2013

Together, we're better. And more fun.

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