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Maggie Mamen

Laughter, Love and Limits

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As a parent if you have ever...

... experienced a warm glow of love for your children--after they have fallen asleep

... waited in vain for instinct to tell you what to do

... felt wanting in comparison to "everybody else's parents"

... argued with a two-year-old, and lost

--then you will find yourself and your family in this book.

With warmth and wisdom Dr. Maggie Mamen explores the various myths associated with parenting, and creates a general parenting philosophy with 3 main goals:

. Showing our children that there is hope for the future

. Giving ourselves, as parents, permission to be leaders in the family

. Loving children enough to set reasonable limits until they can set their own.

The result is an approach that is useful for children of any age, from the cradle to adulthood. Laughter, Love and Limits provides support and reassurance in the most important job anyone can ever undertake: Parenting for life.

208 pages. 1998

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