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Language Builder Sequencing Cards

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... 116 PHOTO SEQUENCING CARDS with current, realistic, and clear sequential photographic images

... 21 DIFFERENT STORY SEQUENCES portraying boys, girls, men and women in various daily activities. Many images focus on healthy habits and self help skills

... 3.5" x 5" CARDS on sturdy cardstock with gloss varnish on the photo-side to allow for easy wipe off, and writable surface on the back

... RANGE OF DIFFICULTY from 3 card sequences up to 10 card sequences

... DIVERSITY FOCUSED IMAGES portray a variety of race, ethnicity and gender

... TEACH MANY DIFFERENT LESSONS including storytelling, what happens next, social stories, verbs, actions, self help skills and health habits

Introduce students to story sequencing, and help them understand the logical order of events. The 116 Full-Color photographic cards portray common, everyday activities with a heavy emphasis on self-help skills. The full set includes:

... 1 ten-card sequence

... 1 nine-card sequence

... 1 eight-card sequences

... 1 seven-card sequences

... 6 six-card sequences

... 4 five-card sequences

... 5 four-card sequences

... 2 three-card sequences

Start students with 3-card sequenced stories, then let them progress all the way up to 10 cards! The cards are also great for understanding what happens next, teaching storytelling or social stories, learning verbs and tenses, or even to use for self-help skills prompts.

The cards and the box are kid-friendly, but not juvenile, making the Language Builder Picture Card Series perfect sequencing cards for toddlers as well as sequencing cards for adult learning. ESL, adults learning English or another foreign language, or adults with autism, Aspergers, Alzheimers, aphasia, or those who need rehabilitation from stroke will not feel awkward using these cards.

These sequencing cards for kids are durable and adaptable with a sturdy work from box, custom organization system, clear labeling, suggested activities and integrated tracking system.

Ages 4-12

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