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Language Builder Picture Nouns 2

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This 354-Card set of photographic noun cards offers additional vocabulary for students who have mastered the original Language Builder set.

. 354 photo card early vocabulary set with current, realistic, attractive photographic images of body parts, insects, sea life, animals, vehicles, foods, tools, musical instruments, on the farm, everyday objects, safety signs, multi-colored shapes

. 3.5". 5" cards on sturdy cardstock with gloss varnish on the photo-side to allow for easy wipe off, and writable surface on the back

. Teach core ABA. Early Autism lessons: receptive labeling, expressive labeling, matching identical cards, matching similar cards, sorting into categories, adjectives, feature, function, class and storytelling

. Kid friendly, but not juvenile design makes language Builder picture cards. Perfect tool for both children and adult learning. Adults learning English or another foreign language, or adults with Autism, Asperger's, Alzheimer's, aphasia, or those who need rehabilitation from stroke will not feel awkward using these cards

. Durable. Adaptable with. Sturdy work from box, custom organization system, clear labeling, suggested activities and integrated tracking system

This card set is great for labeling practice, as well as sorting, adjectives, functions, what goes together, storytelling and more. Categories include:

- Body Parts

- Tools

- Safety Signs

- Sea Life

- Clothing

- Transportation

- On the Farm

- Additional Foods

- Everyday Objects

- Musical Instruments

- Additional Animals

- Insects & Bugs

- Colored Shapes

The back of each card is numbered and provides a label for the image, as well as suggested activities appropriate to the card. An included activity booklet provides more detailed instruction ideas. The cards are coated with a hi-gloss varnish for durability and all images appear horizontally for consistent presentation.

Combine the cards with other Language Builder Sets for even more great lessons to teach!

354 sturdy 3-½" x 5" cards.

Together, we're better. And more fun.

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