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Language Builder Blocks

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The Language Builder Blocks set includes:

... 40 custom-designed solid wood blocks in vibrant colors that are ready-to-use or can be enhanced by the free, one-of a-kind Language Builder; Blocks App for iPad.

... 100 unique picture cards of randomly created structures for children to recreate. Ranging from structures comprised of 1-40 blocks to meet a wide range of abilities.

... 20 "Pretend Play" picture cards of structures made to look like other objects - like animals, foods, transportation, everyday objects, and more!

... The free Language Builder Blocks app allows usersto create and add their own structures so sessions and plans can be customized, access hundreds of additional structure images, use a child-friendly block-building timer, utilize multi-user reporting options, create a personalized gallery of best times to increase motivation and reach a community of users to share designs and ideas.

... App works on iPhone and iPad

... Language Builder Blocks are designed to teach block imitation skills in a fun and interactive way. Ideal for preschool, family fun, ABA or autism education or occupational therapy.

A product that unabashedly celebrated the joys of childhood self-discovery, play and imagination in combination with curricular or programming needs of a one-on-one autism or ABA therapy program. The result? Language Builder Blocks. Blocks, welcome the 21st century! Great for 2-7 year olds expanding their problem-solving, spatial sense and motor abilities.

Ages 3-10 years.

Together, we're better. And more fun.

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