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Brien Friedlander

Instructional Technology for 21st Century Skills

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Catalog No. 27490As the saying goes, "this is not your father's classroom." In order for today's modern classrooms to prepare students for the 21st century they must contain a rich set of tools to enable both the teacher and the students to access, collaborate and connect to the latest resources on the Internet. Although, virtually every classroom in the United States has at least one computer connected to the Internet, it will be essential that schools provide wireless connectivity so that students can access this resource wherever they are using laptops or handheld devices. This reference guide provides the building blocks of a technology-infused classroom.

From interactive white boards and video-conferencing, to the use of science probes and classroom responders, today's teachers need to be skilled in the many uses of technology to help students access and process information. Furthermore, powerful uses of the internet for instruction including the use of wikis, podcasts and social networking are also effective technology solutions.

This valuable desk reference is designed for every teacher who wants a comprehensive overview of technology, as well as the necessary information on how these solutions can be successfully integrated into today's classroom instruction.

Laminated Reference Guide

4 pages. 2010

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