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Donald D. Deshler, Annemarie Sullivan Palincsar, Gina Biancarosa and Marnie Nair

Informed Choices for Struggling Adolescent Readers

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Catalog No. 28523This comprehensive resource arms classroom teachers and administrators with information to meet today's adolescent literacy challenges.

In Part I, the authors highlight research on what works with adolescent learners and discuss how to implement instructional programs to fit the unique needs of your school or district. Part II presents a directory of more than 40 programs designed for middle and secondary students. Each program description includes

-An overview of the instructional approach

-A description of available professional development resources

-Summaries of any program evaluations conducted

-Contact information for program publishers

Summary charts offer a quick way to identify programs suitable for particular students typically developing, advanced, struggling, those with learning disabilities, or English learners, all by grade level or that include specific features.

The International Reading Association is the world's premier organization of literacy professionals. Our titles promote reading by providing professional development to continuously advance the quality of literacy instruction and research. Research-based, classroom-tested, and peer-reviewed, IRA titles are among the highest quality tools that help literacy professionals do their jobs better.

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