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Dianne Craft

Identifying Your Child's Processing Problem

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New from Dianne Craft!

"Help! Why is teaching my child such a mystery?"

"My child is not learning as quickly as his age group. Is it just a maturity issue, or should I do interventions?"

The Four Learning Gates...

There is no mystery to learning. There are only four learnng gates. You can become an expert in diagnosing learning glitches or disabilities with or without formal testing.

In the Identifying Your Child's Processing Problem DVD the four Learning Gates will be explored in detail:

1. Visual Processing Gate (slow, halting reading; reading reversals)

2. Auditory Processing Gate (your "word guesser", sounds out the same word over and over; sight words hard to remember; easily confused; always saying "what")

3. Writing Gate (great orally, but writes very little; seems alergic to his/her pencil; does all math in his/her head; copying takes so long; HATES to write!)

4. Focusing/Attention Gate (you need to sit with him/her to finish their work; frequently says "I forgot"; easily upset; Sensory issues...noises bother him/her...tags, transitions,foods...anxiety about many things).

Whether a child is struggling with just a learning glitch, or has an identifyed learning disabiity like dyslexia, dysgraphia, auditory processing problem or autism, you can do interventions at home that will make learning much easier. LEARNING DOESN'T HAVE TO BE SO HARD! And you will find that it does not have to be expensive to do the interventions.

So many teachers and students have been waiting for this video presentation of this simple but powerful method of diagnosing learning glitches or disabilities with or without formal testing.

For use with teenagers, adolescents, and young children.


Catalog #29169

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