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Pamela J. Gent

Great Ideas: Using Service-Learning and Differentiated Instruction to Help Your Students Succeed

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Classrooms across the country are discovering the power of service learning the ideal way to help students develop social and academic skills while giving back to their community.

Now for the first time, there's a practical how-to guide on using serving learning to promote inclusion and differentiate instruction for students with and without disabilities. Much more than community service, service learning activities help improve outcomes for all students because they're carefully linked to the curriculum and IEP goals. This book shows K-12 educators and administrators exactly how the service learning approach helps students meet academic standards, facilitates generalization of skills to the real world, works with both student-directed and teacher-mediated instructional approaches, fosters strong classroom, builds students' functional life skills, enhances job skills and work, and helps students develop positive self-images.

Readers will get a complete guide to every step of service learning, from planning and funding service activities to monitoring the results and sustaining a schoolwide service-learning program. And the 30+ practical forms help educators assign student roles, determine necessary resources, differentiate instruction, evaluate what students are learning, and more. A fresh, hands-on guide to inclusion that goes beyond co-teaching, collaboration, or accommodations, this highly practical book will help educators make the most of every student's unique abilities and build better communities inside and outside the classroom.

296 pages. 2009

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