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Joanne Lara and Barry Shils

Generation A: Portraits of Autism and the Arts

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Autism--disability or gift?

Generation A : Portraits of Autism and the Arts powerfully depicts the daily challenges faced by young people on the autism spectrum, but it offers an inspiring focus: coping and growing through the arts. The viewer witnesses how the impact of music, dance, art, animation, and the simple act of creating flows through the participants' minds and bodies, uplifting them and their families in different yet significant ways.

Generation A explores this question by looking at creative therapies and art programs which young people on the autism spectrum are utilizing to reach their highest potential. The film provides a platform for youths with autism to speak frankly about their struggles and their dreams; and to showcase their talents which include dancing, singing, painting and animated filmmaking.

Through eight compelling portraits, the movie celebrates the talents of young people on the spectrum. Creative therapies are seen encouraging meaningful connections to arise through imagination, patience, practice, love and acceptance. We see arts programs having the beneficial effect of stimulating speech and language, encouraging social interaction, and building self-esteem. Interwoven are interviews with experts in the field, some of whom are also on the spectrum such as Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Stephen Shore, who offer their frank and moving insight.

60 min. 2015

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