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Lois Hickman and Rebecca Hutchins

Eyegames. Second edition

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An OT and optometrist offer activities to improve vision.

Developing healthy visual‰ÛÔmotor abilities is more difficult in the complex stimulus of today's world than ever before. Our visual experiences can be overwhelmed by the vast complexity of artificial colors and sounds which did not exist in our ancestors' lives. Much more time is spent indoors, exposed to a myriad of unnatural colors, movement and imagery. We hibernate inside, interacting with machines instead of being out in the sunlight, looking at the far horizons, exploring natural environments. More and more time is spent sitting rather than moving, watching rather than doing.

Here is a book that has:

... An overview of the development of vision, with a checklist of warning signs of vision problems‰ÛÔbased on the studies of behavioral optometry

... A discussion of the importance of integrating all the senses equally in the development of optimal visual skills, rooted in the field of occupational therapy

... Practical, playful activities designed to improve visual skills in both adults and children.

Excellent for use at home, in the clinic, at school, or in outdoor settings

63 pages. 2002

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