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Toby J. Karten

Embracing Disabilities in the Classroom

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How we treat others often influences how individuals feel about themselves. This book illustrates how educators can effectively promote sensitive, inclusive classroom practices that maximize success for students with disabilities.

Embracing Disabilities in the Classroom provides content-rich interdisciplinary lessons accompanied by behavioral, academic, and social interventions that capitalize on student strengths. Inclusion expert Toby J. Karten demonstrates the impact of literature, self-advocacy, role playing, and strategic interventions on students' growth and achievement. The numerous lessons, tables, rubrics, instructional guidelines, and charts help readers:

... Determine effective strategies for differentiating instruction for specific disabilities

... Modify lessons and curriculum appropriately in the content areas

... Encourage students to become active participants in learning

... Increase disability awareness and foster inclusive mind-sets in students, colleagues, and families

This practical resource provides special education and general education teachers, principals, and teacher leaders with both effective instructional strategies for curriculum delivery and responsive approaches to promoting positive attitudes toward disabilities. Given appropriate support and an accepting environment, all students are able to achieve, thrive, and succeed in school and in life!

"The practical aspects of the book provide a wealth of ideas about how educators can make modifications and accommodations for individuals in their classrooms while fostering a positive and inclusive atmosphere."--Anne Beveridge, Coordinator of Primary Years Program

"A must-have resource for all educators, this book is filled with creative, hands-on strategies for children of all ages and grade levels K-12 in all content areas. Both general and special educators will find a variety of practical, valuable strategies that they can use immediately in the classroom. Karten has written another winner!"--Lynn DeCapua, Assistant Professor of Education

"An obvious wealth of information, Karten continues to offer the latest strategies to maximize student success in the special education setting! An exceptional resource for those looking for an understanding of not only the history and legislation, but also the content lessons that work!"--Fatima Ramirez, Special Education Teacher

"Karten has put together an excellent resource that should be a must-have for all professionals in special education. She provides not only an excellent background of special education in the classroom, but also a comprehensive source to aid in quick and easy activity plans. The book helps both the novice and the expert special educator identify functional and meaningful strategies that work in the school setting."--Michele Kaplan, Speech Language Pathologist

Toby Karten, a staff developer, instructional coach, educational consultant, author, adjunct professor, and inclusion specialist, has taught populations of learners ranging from kindergarten to graduate level. Her ongoing professional goal is to help teachers effectively deliver the curriculum standards to students within their least restrictive environments, looking at inclusive placements as viable first options. Several of Ms. Karten's books are international best sellers. Ms. Karten has been recognized by both the Council for Exceptional Children and the N.J. Dept. of Education as an exemplary educator, receiving two "Teacher of the Year" awards.

296 pages. 2015

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