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Helene Hanson

DI: Differentiated Instruction. Revised edition

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Differentiated instruction (DI) is one of the most powerful and widely accepted approaches to enhancing the teaching and learning environment.

DI: Differentiated Instruction Enhancing Teaching & Learning guides teachers through this approach. Empowering both the learner and the teacher, key features of DI include student-centered instruction and activities, recognition of student diversity, and research-based, brain-compatible strategies.

This six-page, (tri-fold) laminated guide, newly revised and updated, is packed with easy-to-follow, practical strategies for DI implementation, including:

... Planning the curriculum

... Instructional strategies

... Assessments

... Lesson planning strategies

... Learner mandates

... Lesson design

Differentiated instruction has unlimited potential that can be unleashed in behalf of all learners, including those with learning disabilities, English language learners (ELLs) and others who learn in different ways and at different rates. DI: Differentiated Instruction Enhancing Teaching and Learning is a must-read for any teacher looking to reach all students, no matter what their abilities.

6 pages. 2015

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