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Temple Grandin and Kate Duffy

Developing Talents. Updated, expanded edition

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The authors take an in-depth look at a growing area of the U.S. economy: entrepreneurship.

Using real-life examples, they point out that many of the unique characteristics of individuals on the autism spectrum lend themselves well to entrepreneurial ventures. The book also explores many often unnoticed aspects of Vocational Rehabilitation programs that provide job training and placement for people with disabilities as well as Social Security Administration programs that offer vocational assistance. Finally, employment figures and prospects have been updated and new jobs have been added that are particularly well suited for those on the spectrum, resulting in the most current look at the employment prospects for individuals with Asperger syndrome and high-functioning autism.

Temple Grandin, PhD, is an animal scientist who designs livestock-handling facilities worldwide and is an assistant professor of animal sciences at Colorado State University. A frequent lecturer on autism, she is the author of Emergence: Labeled Autistic, Thinking in Pictures and other publications.

Kate Duffy has owned her own writing business for 16 years in addition to working as a writing and business instructor.

"This is Temple Grandin's most practical and generous work yet. She offers so very much of herself and her real life experiences. Kate Duffy's compassion, empathy and positive attitude pervade the very fiber of this book. The guidelines and suggestions are clear, creative and useful in real-life application. The many specific examples of real people with AS in their careers are invaluable, especially to the AS population. While the book was written for people with AS, it is an essential work for anyone who cares for, teaches, employs or works with someone on the spectrum. It will go to the top of my recommended reading list!"--Sue Moreno, founder and president, MAAP Services Inc.

Foreword by Tony Attwood. 185 pages. 2009

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