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Lorraine O. Moore and Peggy Henrikson

Creating Balance in Children: Activities to Optimize Learning and Behavior

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This book provides 75 activities to help children create and maintain more balance in all areas of development and learning. Completing these activities with children will help them; become more vital and healthy physically; achieve more mental focus and clarity; gain more confidence in themselves; improve their relationships with others; learn and engage in more cooperative behaviors; acquire a respectful attitude towards others and the environment; gain a greater sense of meaning and belonging in their lives and learn new ways to nourish their inner spirits.

Now more than ever, children need to the support of caring adults to develop these qualities in their lives. When given the awareness and appropriate strategies, children can become more effective learners, live more harmoniously, and behave in ways that are respectful of self and others. This publication is easy to use, includes reproducible activity sheets for many of the activities, and 21 of the 75 activities can be completed in or adapted to 5-10 minute timeframes. It is a valuable resource for adults to help children optimize their learning and behavior, a beneficial goal for all concerned. Perfect for teachers (K-8), parent of children ages 5-14, childcare providers.

178 pages. 2006. Originally published by Peytral Publications.

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