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Charlotte Reznick

Creating a Magical Garden and Healing Pond

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Creating a Magical Garden and Healing Pond is the second in a series of soothing guided journeys to an inner peaceful place.

Dr. Charlotte Reznick combines relaxation techniques with gentle music and verbal suggestions to awaken the creative and healing power of your child's imagination while developing their inner resources. (Ages 5 to 105)

With Creating a Magical Garden and Healing Pond you and your child can:

... Relax

... Reduce Stress

... Expand Creativity

... Enhance Self-Esteem

... Meet Personal Guides

... Develop Inner Confidence

... Help Heal Physical and Emotional Hurts

CD contains separate tracks:

1. Practicing the Balloon Breath (2:45)

2. Relaxing Your Muscles (6:58)

3. Relaxing Your Body with Rainbow Light (8:54)

4. Creating a Magical Garden and Healing Pond (14:55)

(plus meeting your personal wizard)

5. Continuing to Relax with Music Only (10:08)

"I love your CD.... It is a great pleasure to listen to the entire CD, and your planning and careful attention to every detail are evident. There are some places, even for those of us who have worked with children, that are absolutely striking in their mastery, clarity and potential for healing and growth. The whole CD speaks to your years of attentive experience with these young minds and hearts, and of the gems you have gleaned in helping them to recognize and cultivate the best in themselves."--Imagery International

"Dr. Reznick has a soft warm voice which is perfect for leading you through the guided meditations; children will feel as if a loving friend is inviting them to meditate.... Highly recommended for all ages."--Awareness Magazine.

"Dear Dr. Reznick, We very much enjoyed your presentation at Westland. My husband and I purchased the Healing Pond CD. We already had your book. Since your presentation we have been using the techniques with our 7 year old daughter every night before bed. She loves it and has not had a nightmare, claimed to be scared at night, or come into our bed once. This used to be a common occurrence. It has also been a nice bonding experience for my husband and daughter to share this time together before bed. It used to be all about mommy and now she forgets to even ask for me to come tuck her in because she's too excited about spending time in her special place."--Stefanie Klein, LCSW and Bob Glouberman

Charlotte Reznick, PhD, a nationally recognized child educational psychologist and associate clinical professor of psychology at UCLA, created Imagery for Kids: Breakthrough for Learning, Creativity, and Empowerment, which she has used with thousands of children, parents, and professionals for more than twenty-five years. Reznick is a consultant, counselor, and healer, and maintains a private practice in Los

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