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Deborah French, illustrated by Leah Ehrlich

The Cookbook for Children with Special Needs

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This fully-illustrated book introduces children with special needs to the fundamentals of food preparation, healthy eating and cookery skills.

Recipes pitched at three increasing levels of difficulty cover a wide range of skills making the book suitable for all abilities. The importance of health and safety is emphasised throughout.

Learning to cook not only equips children with a valuable life skill, but will help boost self-esteem in other areas of their lives.

The book starts with a basic illustrated guide to where food comes from, the different food groups, how to create our own diet and why cooking is a great skill to master. Simple, step-by-step instructions accompanied by fun illustrations, guide children through three levels of cooking, starting with fundamental basics including the preparation of a wide variety of different foods, and building up to more complex recipes. Health and safety skills are taught as an essential part of the cooking activity and healthy eating habits are reinforced throughout.

Parents and carers will find cooking with children with special needs to be enjoyable and rewarding with this book, which thoroughly prepares the child for the cooking experience. Teachers, activity organizers and anyone else working with children with special needs will also find this book to be a great resource for cooking inspiration.

"Every special education program in the New York City public school system features classes with "Activities for Daily Living". Included, and of particular importance, are cookery classes. The Cookbook for Children with Special Needs is therefore an extremely valuable tool for such classes. A consistent tone of encouragement, along with the logical transition of learning about food and safety in the kitchen, and the step by step procedure for each recipe, makes this book a "must have" for teachers. In addition, the photographs, illustrations and space for comments creates a kid-oriented focus. It is an excellent guide for educators, parents and teachers alike."-- Margo Donovan, Staff Developer, New York City Department of Special Education

200 pages. 2015

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