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Patty Lee

Collaborative Practices for Educators

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This book provides a quick and easy reference for all who want to make teamwork in school collaborative and meaningful. It is based on the premise that we are often more collaborative with students than our adult colleagues. With students we often listen more closely, ask more meaningful questions, attempt to understand, place energy into explaining, and watch for indications of misunderstanding. On the other hand, we are habitually more casual in our communication with adults. We may interrupt more, put energy into getting a personal point across rather than attempting to understand theirs, listen halfheartedly, and not give much thought to how we present ourselves. These habits often interfere with effective communication. As one learns to use the effective communication skills with adult colleagues that are used with our students, the foundation is built for collaboration.

Simply open the book to any page and you will find simple ideas and many practical strategies. The book includes 60 strategies and 180 practices to assist with developing skills in both communication and collaboration. These strategies are applicable in all educational settings.

120 pages. 2006

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