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Marilyn Friend

Co-Teaching--Strategies to Improve Student Outcomes

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Co-teaching is a popular service delivery model for students who are entitled to special education or other specialized services, such as support services for English learners.

Evidence shows that the implementation of co-teaching is significantly associated with improved student outcomes. However for co-teaching to be effective, teachers need to thoroughly understand what the arrangement entails and what it takes to make co-teaching work.

In this newly released quick-reference laminated guide, Dr. Marilyn Friend, a renowned authority on co-teaching, provides educators with an overview of the fundamental "what," "why," and "how" of co-teaching.

Topics covered include:

Co-teaching and inclusion

Co-teaching vs. team teaching

Co-teaching vs. paraprofessional Support

The role of each co-teacher

Elements of successful co-teaching partnerships

Instruction in co-taught classrooms/understanding specially designed instruction (SDI)

Co-teaching and Common Core Standards (CCSS)

Planning for co-teachers

Dr. Friend outlines six the following six co-teaching approaches, along with recommended frequency of use and variations for each:

One Teach, One Observe

Station Teaching

Parallel Teaching

Alternate Teaching


One Teach, One Assist

6 laminated pages. 2014

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