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Malva Freymuth Tarasewicz

Benjamin Breaking Barriers

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A fascinating memoir of a mother helping her autistic son to overcome his challenges; a success story that covers the journey from infancy into adulthood, and illustrates how love, determination, and hard work can conquer all. Written to have broad audience appeal, it's simultaneously a valuable autism/special-needs resource for parents and professionals. The book is filled with inspiring, creative ideas, and includes reader resources such as thought-provoking discussion questions and an index of the therapeutic interventions/attitudes discussed in the text.

Benjamin, the focal subject of the story, has become a rising star in the world of public speaking, featured on TV and in various news stories, and imaking a real impact in the communities that invite him to speak. His story encourages listeners to overcome their own barriers as well as educating them to have a more compassionate viewpoint towards those who are "different."

Malva Freymuth Tarasewicz, D.MA, writer and professional violinist, is first and foremost a mother; her son, Benjamin, has long been the focus of her creative energies. Malva has been Benjamin's primary therapist and helper throughout his life; she has gradually guided him out of the deeply autistic state that prevailed during his early childhood.

Although he still struggles with the challenges of autism, Benjamin has grown into a young adult with a talent for public speaking as well as for singing and acting. Malva has teamed up with him, creating presentations about living with autism which educate while also inspiring others to overcome their personal challenges. Malva and Benjamin maintain a blog that continues the life-story begun in the book.

Malva holds a doctoral degree in music, performs and teaches, and is the author of the internationally acclaimed book, Mental Practice and Imagery for Musicians (1999). During her free time, Malva trains her horse and competes in upper-level dressage. She lives in Boulder with her family, appreciates the beauty of nature that surrounds her home, and revels in the expanding adventure that is Benjamin Breaking Barriers.

380 pages. 2014

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