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Rachel Robb Avery and Nancy "Fern" Bennett Phillips. Illustrated by Rebecca Davie Hazen

Meet Thotso, Your Thought Maker

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Meet Thotso, Your Thought Maker is a unique 30-page board book children (and adults!) will love.

There are engaging interactive devices on almost every page. The book introduces Thotso the Brain and Thotso's thinking patterns that build a child's resiliency and self-esteem through positive thinking skills.

Thotso introduces 3 types:

... Smiling Thots, the thoughts that make you feel good;

... BooBoo Thots, the thoughts that hurt and make you feel bad; and

... Bandage Thots, kind words you can say to yourself to help you feel better and process BooBoo Thots into Smiling Thots!

Ages 5-10. 30 pages. 2008

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