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James W. Partington and Scott W. Partington

Learning to Motivate, Motivating to Learn

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Motivating an individual to learn is an essential ingredient for those looking to teach critical skills to children with autism-put simply, it's easier to teach children when they are motivated to learn!

Learning to Motivate, Motivating to Learn: How to Make Learning Fun for Your Child with Autism! was written to provide parents, educators, and professionals with a conceptual overview of motivation and strategies to motivate a child to participate in learning activities. This book was written in non-technical language and guides the reader through the process of capturing and maintaining the learner's motivation in structured teaching sessions and during everyday routines. The evidence-based techniques presented in this book will leave readers better equipped to teach new and essential skills to individuals with autism.

"Dr. Partington's works have always been exemplary and his latest book, Learning to Motivate, Motivating to Learn is no different. This book serves as an invaluable teaching tool for parents, educators, and instructors alike and emphasizes the relationship between the teacher and the child as a basis for maximizing interactions and learning opportunities. What makes this book stand out is Dr. Partington's ability to outline powerful, evidence-based techniques in a comprehensive manner that leaves readers with a clear understanding of each concept and many examples to illustrate their practical application.  Reading this book will leave you more motivated than ever before to get to work and teach valuable skills to your children!"--Dino Trakakis, CEO of Autism Recovery Network (Hong Kong), parent of a child with autism


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