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Dianne Craft

Brain Integration Therapy Manual

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Catalog No. 28945

Brain Integration Therapy is an easy-to-use at-home therapy program that brings results.

No matter what "teaching" or remedial reading program you use, if you do the Brain Integration Therapy Brain Trainings and exercises at the same time you will notice children learn much easier because you are actually using the child's body to make the brain connections so that he or she doesn't have to work so hard at the task of reading or writing or hearing sounds.

The latest revised and expanded edition of Dianne Craft's popular manual contains nearly three times as many pages as the previous one, and new, exclusive content. Inside you will find material that will make Brain Training much easier and more effective for your child, including daily lesson plans, checklists to track your child's progress, additional instructions, advanced variations, visual demonstrations, easy-to-follow Brain Training guides, and much, much more!

What's new in this edition?

... Detailed diagnostic checklists for each of the processing problem areas a child could be experiencing:

. Visual processing problems (reading reversals, eye convergence and eye tracking issues, tires easily when reading)

. Writing/fine motor processing problems (greatly labored writing, dysgraphia, find motor issues, child who is "allergic" to a pencil)

. Auditory processing problems (can't remember phonics, sight words hard, oral directions difficult, scrambles words when saying them, etc.)

... Many more pictures of children demonstrating every single step of the all important once a week Brain Training, and the daily 20 minute exercise routine.

... New and clear explanation and examples of each of the 10 auditory processing channels that can be blocked in a child, and how to correct these blocks. Comes with charts to help you diagnose and help you track your child's progress.

... Case studies of children who have just one learning gate blocked, two learning gates blocked, three learning gates blocked, or all four learning gates blocked. This will make it easier for you to see where your child's issues are, and what to do about them.

... A diagnostic reading grade-placement test given at the beginning of this process, and then every 3 months, to track the child's progress in reading.

... Daily Lesson plans for a struggling reader, writer and speller. These lesson plans are invaluable in your work with a struggling child. They give the daily routine using Brain Integration Therapy to remove learning glitches, along with the right brain teaching strategies that Dianne Craft uses to bypass the learning glitches in a child.

The right brain teaching strategies help a child feel smart right away (using their photographic memory strength), while the Brain Integration Brain Training done once a week, eventually makes enough pathways connecting both brain hemispheres that the child will not need right brain teaching strategies all of his life.

143 pages. 2013

Catalog # 28945

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