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Fern Sussman and Elaine Weitzman

Plan for People Play

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Plan for People Play is the first booklet in the Make Play R.O.C.K.™ booklet series, designed to help parents make the most of their child's play to build social communication and interaction skills.

This booklet focuses on helping caregivers use interaction-based play (games without toys/objects) to build children's communication skills. It provides an explanation of why play is so important to children's development, and how the development of play differs in children with autism. It then helps readers identify a child's next steps with concrete, accessible strategies for promoting progress. The book also includes a "game plan" template to help caregivers plan a child's next people game and understand the new skills being learned.

These kinds of games provide excellent opportunities for children with autism and other social communication difficulties to learn important skills like paying attention to others, taking a turn in an interaction, and starting and ending a game.

Plan for People Play helps parents:

... Understand how people play builds children's social interaction skills.

... Identify the next interaction step their child can take in a people game.

... Choose the most appropriate people games based on their child's sensory preferences.

... Use researched-based strategies during people games to help their child develop more advanced social interaction skills.

With concrete examples, illustrations and "Game Plan" templates, Plan for People Play makes it easy for parents to help their child learn critical play and social skills--all while having fun together!


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