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Paula Aquilla and Alexi Edelstein, with Paula Riczker

The Sensory Detective Curriculum

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The Sensory Detective Curriculum is a resource that can be used in a school setting to enable children to learn more about themselves and others.

It meets learning goals in science and social studies and can provide a platform to discuss how we behave and communicate with each other. Understanding our sensory processing ability helps us to understand our likes, dislikes, and regulation style--the very strategies we use to help keep ourselves in a calm, alert state. This calm state is necessary for learning, and knowing how to stay regulated is a life skill, enabling us to function in different environments and with different people. Opening this discussion can help us understand how tensions rise, how bullying happens, and how children can become lonely, isolated and misunderstood. Each chapter has fun activities for students to not only deepen their understanding but to apply what they've learned in their own classroom.

Written by a group of occupational therapists who work in clinical, home, and school settings, this guide educates the reader (or "Sensory Detective") about the nervous system and how our senses work. It is aimed at children in grades 1 - 4; however, anyone could benefit from reading this book to foster an understanding and appreciation of the differences in how people function.

The Sensory Detective Curriculum overflows with examples of sensory experiences that make it easy for the reader to understand what it is like when all systems are running smoothly and when they are not. There are many hands-on activities. Children will learn about their own nervous system and sensory preferences and discover that the sensory preferences of their friends may be different. The Sensory Detective Curriculum can augment the science curriculum and the social studies curriculum and can easily be incorporated into a classroom setting and home setting. The closing chapter of the book delves into incorporating character trait development in the classroom. Teachers, school administrators, parents, therapists, and older children can benefit from reading this curriculum.


Chapter 1: Sensory Processing and Sensations

Chapter 2: Let's Look at the Nervous System

Chapter 3: Assessment

Chapter 4: Self-Discovery

Chapter 5: Identifying Sensory Processing Disorders

Chapter 6: How Can We Support People with Sensory Processing Disorders?

Chapter 7: Moving Forward Together

Paula Aquilla, BSc, OT, DOMP Paula Aquilla, is the author of Building Bridges through Sensory Integration. She is an occupational therapist and an osteopathic manual practitioner. She is a professor at the Canadian College of Osteopathy and is also a consultant to the MacMaster University Occupational Therapy students.

Alexi Edelstein is an occupational therapist at the Aquilla Occupational Therapy Services. She and her family live in Toronto, Canada.

Paula Riczker is an occupational therapist at the Aquilla Occupational Therapy Services. She and her family live in Toronto, Canada.

200 pages. 2016

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