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Real Life, Real Progress for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Generalization is the key to effective autism intervention--when children can apply new skills across settings, they'll make broad, long-term improvements in behavior and social communication.

Practical and reader-friendly, this is the book that helps professionals take today's most popular autism interventions to the next level by making generalization an integral part of them. Rather than describing autism, etiology, diagnosis, or a specific treatment approach, this book covers generalization, an important aspect of any kind of treatment approach.

Generalization is when responses or skills that are not directly targeted occur as a result of training or intervention. Generalization is one of the most important measures of treatment outcome, if a child can learn a variety of skills and use them in a variety of settings, it is the best measure of whether or not an intervention was effective.In addition to the informative chapters in the first half of the book, this book includes naturalistic activities teaching language, play, imitation, social skills, motor skills, academic skills, and cognitive skills. The activities are written in clear language with the intention that non-experts, such as parents and many school staff, will be able to implement these activities in the child's natural environment.This book offers information, practical, easy-to-use activities, and simple data collection for everyday use - all designed to help parents, teachers, and professionals begin a comprehensive treatment program for their child.

Pre-K--Grade 8 special educators, early interventionists, SLPs, and other professionals will

... enhance 6 widely used autism intervention models (see box) with specific, evidence-based generalization strategies

... get dozens of easy activities that really help children use new skills consistently--no matter where they are or who they're with

... learn about generalization from the experts who know best, with contributions from top autism authorities like Ilene Schwartz, Carol Gray, Andy Bondy, Laura Schriebman, and Bryna Siegel

... provide positive, supportive parent education so they can be active partners in promoting their children's generalization of skills

... weave generalization strategies into every phase of intervention planning, not just at the end after skills have already been learned

... modify generalization strategies for different settings, so children can achieve their ultimate goal: applying their skills successfully in school, at home, and in the community

... assess the effectiveness of generalization strategies at multiple stages of instruction

Case studies and vivid examples bring the strategies to life in every chapter, and forms and checklists help professionals plan interventions, track children's goals, and monitor their progress toward generalization. With this urgently needed guide to one of the most important facets of autism intervention, readers will help children generalize social behaviors and communication skills--and ensure better lives and brighter futures.

Make generalization strategies a part of these popular interventions:

... Pivotal Response Training

... Discrete Trial Instruction

... Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)

... Social Stories䋢

... Computer-Assisted Intervention

... JumpStart Learning-to-Learn

"A valuable and user-friendly compendium of the latest in both research and evidence-based practice...This book is an overdue and important contribution to the field."--Peter Gerhardt, EdD, President and Chair, Scientific Council, Organization for Autism Research, Arlington, Virginia

"The best hands-on guide to the most important part of intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders: helping the children take the skills they learn in intervention and use them whenever and wherever they need them."--Tristram Smith, Strong Center for Developmental Disabilities, University of Rochester Medical Center

Christina Whalen, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and Board Certified Behavior Analyst specializing in autism and related disorders. She is President and Chief Science Officer of Jigsaw Learning. Dr. Whalen has more than 15 years of experience in research and clinical practice with children with autism and their families. She is the chair of the technology special interest group for the Association for Behavior Analysis.

256 pages. 2009

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