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Alice Crosetto, Rajinder Garcha and Mark Horan

Disabilities and Disorders in Literature for Youth

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One in every five Americans lives with at least one disability or disorder, including both the obvious, such as those requiring the use of a wheelchair, and the less evident ones, such as eating disorders or autism spectrum disorders.

Those responsible for teaching disabled students and providing services and support for them need ready access to reliable and up-to-date resources. Disabilities and Disorders in Literature for Youth identifies almost 1,000 resources to help educators, professionals, parents, siblings, guardians, and students understand the various disabilities and disorders faced by children today.

This bibliography consists of four major headings--Emotional, Learning, Physical, and Multiple Disabilities--which are further categorized into works of fiction and nonfiction. Annotations provide a complete bibliographical description of the entries, and each entry is identified with the grade levels for which it is best suited and resources are matched with appropriate audiences. Reviews from recognized publications are also included wherever possible. Anyone interested in identifying helpful resources regarding disabilities and disorders will find much of value in this essential tool.

"The scope of this book is broad and the subject matter is important in the world in which we live. As stated in the introduction, "One in five Americans currently lives with at least one disability or disorder." This text takes on the task of selecting and describing books for children that include characters with emotional, cognitive, and physical disabilities, ranging from low-incidence disabilities such as visual impairments to high-incidence disorders such as ADHD. Hundreds of books, both fiction and nonfiction, are included in each chapter. Each entry includes the title, author, publisher, year of publication, ISBN, and grade level, as well as a short annotation. While the lists are extensive, there does not seem to be a systematic method of selection for inclusion. The publication dates are primarily in the 2000s; however some books were published in the '80s and '90s and a few were published even earlier. No attempt is made to analyze how they compare or how they deal with the disability or disorder included within. Chapters six through nine include information on other media representations of disability, including journals, magazines, internet sources, DVDs, and professional resources."--School Library Journal

"The twelfth volume in Scarecrow's Literature for Youth series identifies approximately 1,000 resources to help educators, parents, siblings, and students address the challenges faced by one in every five Americans. The first four of nine chapters each focus on one major area of disabilities/disorders--"Emotional," "Learning," "Physical," and "Multiple"--divided into fiction and nonfiction works. Each numbered entry includes an annotation complete with bibliographical descriptions, grade-level appropriateness, and awards. The remaining five chapters cover "General Reference Resources," "Educators/Parents/Professional Resources," "Media Resources," "Internet Resources," and "Journals/Magazines." The appendixes list awards and disability-related events. Multiple indexes allow a variety of approaches to the book's content. This title will provide one-stop shopping for school and young adult librarians seeking to build their collections on this topic.--Booklist

400 pages. 2009

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