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Usted hace la diferencia (guía)

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Ayuda a los padres, en especial si tienen niños con retrasos en el desarrollo del lenguaje.

Padres de niños pequeños quedaran encantados con lo fácil de leer de este libro. Este ofrece un enfoque simple y detallado para mejorar las relaciones entre padre y niños, creando oportunidades de lenguaje para todos los niños, especialmente aquellos que enfrentan riesgo. El lenguaje simple, ilustraciones coloridas y graciosas ayudan a hacer el libro útil para padres que prefieren usar texto simple y aquellos, cuyas lengua madre no es el Inglés.

90 páginas. 1995


You Make the Difference in Helping Your Child Learn helps parents, especially if they have children with language delays. Its many color illustrations and cartoons, as well as clear examples, make it easy to understand and are fun for the child to see, while s/he learns to communicate. This guide is based on the "3A Way": Allow child to lead; Adapt to "share the moment"; Add language and experience. It explains how to become your child's "sensible companion" by taking time to observe, wait and listen; share games, music, and reading. It even gives you ideas to put your own books together, invent games and create "art" your way.


(Manolson, Ward & Dodington, 1995)

Black & white and Full-color illustrations

Parents of all young children will love this easy to read guidebook. It provides simple, easy-to-use strategies for "tuning in" to a young child's communication, and responding in ways that foster positive interactions and encourage language-learning. The guidebook's simple language, colorful illustrations and humorous cartoons help make the book especially useful for parents who prefer simplified text and those whose first language is not English.


Running Time: 1 hour, 56 minutes Available in NTSC and PAL formats

With easy to follow narration and simple text, this DVD helps bring the You Make The Difference Guidebook to life by showing real parents as they use the 3A Approach -- Allow Your Child to Lead, Adapt to Share the Moment and Add New Experiences and Words, during everyday parent and child interactions. Designed to support families of typically developing children (birth to five), this DVD provides families and community professionals with a fun and practical resource to help young children succeed.

90 pages. 1995

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