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Joseph Casbarro

Substitute Teacher's Survival Guide

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Catalog No. 27513Everyone knows that substitute teaching is a very challenging job and those involved need as much assistance as possible. There are a number of skills that a substitute or guest teacher needs to develop in order to make their experience successful. This reference guide provides practical and targeted strategies that will increase their effectiveness and success in the classroom. The "keys" to success include strategies that address:

...Not being afraid to ask questions

...Organizing for the day's activities

...Introducing oneself to the students

...Knowing any special needs of students

...Implementing lesson plans

...Managing discipline effectively

...Knowing the school's emergency procedures

...Communicating at the end of the day

A valuable tool for principals, directors of human resources and any other administrators charged with the training and preparation of substitute teachers. Although some schools have "building-specific" procedures for substitutes, this reference guide provides a clear framework to help them prepare and deliver instruction regardless of the school setting or grade level. It provides the "basic training" that will enable any substitute to be more effective and successful in the classroom!

Laminated Reference Guide

4 pages. 2011

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