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RTI: Response-to-Intervention Classroom Reference Guide

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Catalog No. 28200This reference guide is designed to increase educators' understanding of Response To Intervention (RTI), as well as to provide valuable information on its implementation. Although reading has been the primary focus for RTI in most schools, RTI is also applicable to the other academic areas, as well as student behavior.

Using understandable and clear language, this full-color reference guide addresses:

. The key features of RTI

. The RTI team process

. Progress Monitoring

. The 3-Tier model

. Types of assessment

. RTI and parents

Buy copies for all school employees involved with RTI, because it is a valuable desk reference and training guide:

. For every administrator who needs to become familiar with RTI

. For every new teacher as part of his or her orientation

. For every general or special education teacher beginning to implement RTI in his or her classroom

. For every related services staff member who will be involved implementing RTI (reading teachers, speech therapists, school psychologists, guidance counselors, etc)

. For every paraeducator who will be working in RTI programs and collecting data

. For every parent whose child is in a Tier II or III program

. For every staff member working on an IEP Team and dealing with LD eligibility

6 pages. 2013

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