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It Takes Two To Talk Guidebook. Fifth edition

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The latest edition of It Takes Two to Talk gives parents the tools to make early language intervention a natural, ongoing part of everyday life with their child.

New checklists and goal charts in the first chapter make it easier for parents and professionals to identify the child's stage of communication and choose the most appropriate interaction and communication goals right from the start. With a heightened focus on helping children initiate, take turns in enjoyable, extended interactions and increase their expressive language skills, the It Takes Two to Talk guidebook shows parents how to use responsive interaction strategies that increase children's language skills. Written in simple language and beautifully illustrated, this guidebook shows parents how to integrate It Takes Two to Talk strategies into everyday routines like mealtime, bath time, playtime and book reading. To bring the strategies to life, the It Takes Two to Talk companion DVD (available separately) provides clear examples of real parents applying the strategies with children at four developmental stages.

"The Hanen Centre has, once again, done a terrific job of making the information in this newest edition of It Takes Two to Talk accessible to families and professionals, who can rely on the fact that the intervention strategies are based on years of research that support their usefulness in promoting improved communication skills in children with language delays."--Cynthia Cress, PhD, CCC-SLP,

Elaine Weitzman, Executive Director of The Hanen Centre since 1992, is a speech-language pathologist and an adjunct professor in the University of Toronto's Department of Speech-Language Pathology. Over the last 30 years, Elaine has contributed to the development of Hanen programs, co-authored many Hanen guidebooks, and collaborated with the University of Toronto to conduct research on the efficacy of Hanen programs and caregiver-child interactions.

171 pages. 2017

Special Needs Project is the authorized Hanen distributor in the United States and Latin America. Multiple copies are often useful. If you are considering purchasing more than three copies of this title, contact us about volume pricing.

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