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Ricki G. Robinson. Foreword by Stanley I. Greenspan

Autism Solutions: How to Create a Healthy and Meaningful Life for Your Child

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Autism Solutions gives parents a greater understanding of their child's unique learning, sensory and medical profile.

... Helping your child relate, communicate and think

... Recognizing and overcoming common health challenges

... Effectively treating diseases and disorders that frequently accompany autism

... Developing creative solutions to communication issues

... Understanding how behavior can be a form of communication and how to "hear" what a child is telling you

... Coping with family, siblings and society

... Establishing a team of professionals who can work with your child to give him or her the opportunity to live well, learn, interact and thrive

... Unlocking your child's full potential

Dr. Ricki Robinson is co-director of Descanso Medical Center for Development and Learning in La Canada, California. She is a Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at the Keck School Medicine of USC and Senior Attending Physician at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles. She has been in private pediatric practice for over 30 years, specializing in children with developmental delays for over twenty years.

"Dr. Robinson's inspiring new book will bring hope--and solutions--to parents of children with autism everywhere."--T. Berry Brazelton, MD

"One of the most compassionate, comprehensive, and supportive books I have read for parents...truly outstanding."--Geraldine Dawson, PhD

"This is the doctor who believes in your child! It is the guide for every parent and professional, full of ideas and suggestions at every stage to address the developmental, emotional and medical challenges of autism. You will not have to worry about the questions you forgot to ask. Dr. Ricki's door is always open and this book will be turned to again and again as she embraces you with her wisdom and knowledge."--Serena Wieder, PhD, co-author of Engaging Autism; Founder and Associate Chair, The Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders (ICDL)

"...Dr. Ricki infuses her passion, knowledge, wisdom, and optimism in ways that empower parents to make more informed decisions about their child's care.... Whether a parent or a grandparent of a newly diagnosed child, or one entering adulthood, Autism Solutions is the guide for you."--Suzanne and Bob Wright, Co-Founders, Autism Speaks

"...Autism Solutions is like a giant life raft filled with survival supplies.... "--Erik Linthorst, Director of Autistic-Like: Graham's Story

448 pages. 2011

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