Edited by Mickey Keenan, Mary Henderson, Ken P. Kerr and Karola Dillenburger

Applied Behaviour Analysis and Autism

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Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a behavioral treatment program widely used with children with autism to improve socially significant behaviors.

This practical book gives detailed guidance on how to develop a tailored program that includes the key features of ABA: detailed individual behavior assessment, reinforcement strategies to encourage new behaviors and systematic program implementation.

Chapters also include individual family case studies and discuss relevant issues such as day-to-day management of programs for both younger and older children, collaboration in the community, sibling support, school-based programs and obtaining services. The international contributors offer practical advice on the approach needed for the successful implementation of ABA.

Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism will be a resource for parents, teachers, social workers, psychologists, researchers, nurses, health visitors and anyone with an interest in improving the ability to cope with the world of children with autism.

Foreword by Gina Green. 304 pages. 2005

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