Martha Kate Downey

If You've Ever Wanted to Crawl in the Closet with an Oreo. Second edition

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The perfect book for the caregiver with major challenges, but little time or energy to read a bigger book. Tips for parenting a child with special needs.

As its title implies, If You've Ever Wanted to Crawl in the Closet with an Oreo is a book that parents of children with special needs will appreciate. Readers will be uplifted by the folksy wisdom author Martha Kate Downey has gleaned from 17 years of raising her "flavorful daughter" (special needs type). Ms. Downey offers affirmations and advice with a touch of humor that will have parents everywhere smiling and nodding as they turn each page. It's one of the most "colorful" black and white books you'll ever find!

" Oreo bridges our sense of isolation, soothes our apprehension, and helps us to better understand our child with special needs."--Molly Romer Witten, PhD

"Martha Kate Downey, the mother of a child who has been given a laundry list of neurological diagnoses, has written a soothing, gentle and helpful volume for parents and caregivers who are just learning about and adjusting to life with a special needs child. The book's focus is on special needs kids who have been diagnosed with neurological or autistic spectrum disorders such as Asperger syndrome, HFA or Tourette syndrome, but certainly not exclusive to that cluster of differences (or "flavors" as Downey would say). While not a scholarly or research-oriented work, those who are struggling to help a special needs child and communicate with teachers, doctors, counselors, social workers, etc., will find Downey's work full of practical, take-a-deep-breath advice from someone who has been through the process from discovery to diagnoses to problem solving. Even a parent who has been coping with a child's special needs diagnosis for several years will find valuable reminders about the importance of taking care of his or her own needs, as well as strategies for coping with the changing needs of a growing, special needs child. As comforting and satisfying as an Oreo cookie (or two) on a bad day! "--Rochelle Hartman (Bloomington, IL)

142 pages. 2004

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