Hunter Manasco. Illustrated by Katharine Manasco

An Exceptional Children's Guide to Touch

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The rules of physical contact can be tricky to grasp and children with special needs are at a heightened risk of abuse.

This friendly picture book explains in simple terms how to tell the difference between acceptable and inappropriate touch, thereby helping the child with special needs stay safe.

Each story covers a different type of touch from accidental to friendly to hurtful and will help children understand how boundaries change depending on the context. It explores when and where it is okay to touch other people, when and where other people can touch you, why self touching sometimes needs to be private, and what to do if touch feels inappropriate.

This book is an invaluable teaching resource and discussion starter for parents, teachers and carers working with children with special needs.

Hunter Manasco, PhD, is an assistant professor in the department of speech-language pathology at Misericordia University. He specializes in treating autism and neurological disorders in pediatric and adult populations and has extensive professional experience of working with children with special needs in schools, hospitals and university clinics.

"This superbly crafted book teaches the child with special needs about the complexity of touching without denying them the affection and reassurance that touch can give. Its child friendly language and illustrations are perfect in explaining inappropriate touch without being frightening or embarrassing. In a nutshell, it provides clear and simple guidelines, backed up by the reassurance that a trusted adult is always on hand to help if there is any confusion. This book cannot fail to touch a chord with parents and professionals alike in its exceptionally brilliant simplicity."--K.I. Al-Ghani, experienced specialist advisory teacher and autism trainer

"An Exceptional Children's Guide to Touch will be of great use to anyone involved with children that have any learning or development need. The combined use of Hunter's text and Katharine's illustrations has created a wonderful resource to help navigate the complexities of social rules and norms regarding physical interactions, traditionally a sensitive area to broach. This book could be used with an individual child or within a group setting and would be a valuable addition to all parents', carers' and professionals' libraries."--Jackie Bateman, child protection specialist (sexually harmful behavior) and children's services manager, Barnardo's The Junction

72 pages. 2012

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