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Sherri Cawn

Assessment and Intervention of Communication in Children Birth-5 (DVD and Manual)

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Children learn language in the context of spontaneous, social interactions, making language acquisition embeded in the affective, cognitive, and social domains.

However, language comprehension is often overlooked. To develop effective assessment and intervention strategies, it is critical for SLPs to understand developmental communication milestones and rely on a child's non-verbal behaviors, even though the behaviors may not be a reliable predictor in the context of the child's full developmental profile.

You will be able to:

. define the impact of the developmental process on comprehension and verbal expression.

. develop comprehension and expressive language intervention strategies.

. synthesize intervention strategies with other important principles.

CEUs are available. To earn continuing education credit, you must complete the test with a passing score on or before October 2, 2016.

DVD and Manual (additional Manuals are available). 2013

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