Stacey W. Betts, Dion E. Betts and Lisa N. Gerber-Eckard

Asperger Syndrome in the Inclusive Classroom

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Asperger Syndrome in the Inclusive Classroom offers support and practical techniques for teachers who work with children with Asperger syndrome (AS).

Based on the successful experiences of classroom teachers, and written from a teacher's perspective, this book provides creative and easy-to-apply strategies that support and encourage AS students in the mainstream classroom, from organization and time management techniques to framing classroom instructions to make lessons more accessible for children with AS. The authors' straightforward, practical advice relates to every part of the school day and includes advice for teaching specific subject areas. They give tips on helping students navigate the school environment, how to handle social situations like lunch and breaks, and what to do during unstructured periods.

This book is essential reading for teachers and school staff who want to fully include AS students in the classroom.

"Asperger syndrome in the Inclusive Classroom will become a "security blanket" for teachers first experiencing Asperger syndrome in their classroom. This book is a common-sense approach to working with these children. The book discusses adaptations in the classroom, teaching of academic subjects, special subject classes, unstructured school time, and social and emotional concerns of children with Asperger syndrome. Teachers who read this book will now say, 'I'm getting a child with Asperger syndrome; let's work together and make this a positive experience for everyone.'"--from the Foreword by Peter W. Riffle, 2005 National Veterans of Foreign Wars Citizenship and Education Teacher of the Year 2000

"A goldmine of practical strategies that will be of benefit to teachers with or without experience. This is an extremely readable book which is packed full of practical advice, strategies and opportunities for reflection on managing young people's lives at school, with down to earth text covering such areas as curriculum, transport, discipline, unstructured time and much more. The book enables an individual and whole school approach to facilitate inclusion with an emphasis on learning."--Elaine Colquhoun, President, NASEN

160 pages. 2007

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