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Daniel B. Sundberg

The Self Management Planner

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The Self Management Planner for Behavior Analysts--and others!

The Self Management Planner was created by Dr. Daniel B. Sundberg as a solution for college students who were overwhelmed with their packed schedules and never-ending task lists.

... Full 18.5 hour day, full week layout, and month-at-a-glance pages

... Tutorials for goal setting, and time management

... Blank date period, to prevent page waste and allow you to start the calendar on your own time frame

... System for tracking your progress on individual goals, and graph paper to help you visually track your critical data

... This is a compact half-page (8.5" x 5.5") Planner.

This planner ultilizes behavior analytic strategies to help busy students manage their time. Since its creation, it has been used for college courses and by individual students, behavior analysts, parents, lawyers and other busy professionals alike. It's a full year planner with self-added dates so there are no wasted pages. Set long-term goals and track daily and weekly progress. Compile daily and weekly to-do lists and use a notes page for anything you need each week of the year.

NEW: month-at-a-glance pages!

The most popular use for the Self Management Planner among behavior analysts is for tracking BCBA supervision hours as well as tracking billable hours at work. For a guide on attaining your BCBA certification faster, see "https://blog.difflearn.com/2016/12/15/overcoming-3-barriers-earning-bcba/" Overcoming 3 Barriers to Earning your BCBA.

"Before I purchased the self-management planner, I used an online calendar and many, many handwritten 'to do' lists. The planner simplified my scheduling process so much--it serves the functions of an online calendar, to do list, and much more. I've lived with chronic migraine for four years. This planner gave me a place to track changes in my health and realize what some of my biggest triggers truly were, and when I really needed to slow (or stop) the daily grind and take care of myself."--Jessica U.

"I've always relied on my calendar for everything, if it's not in my calendar or on a list, it doesn't get done. While I love electronic calendars and sticky notes, I'm someone who prefers the paper and pencil mode of organization. I had yet to find a planner that worked as well as my electronic calendar until I tried the self-management planner. This planner is the perfect solution. The flexibility of the calendar accommodates my ever-changing graduate student schedule, the note pages in the back mean my lists and calendar are in the same place, and the behavior-tracking component means I'm meeting my school, work, and personal goals more efficiently. Graphing the behaviors I'm targeting has allowed me to realize which goals I'm not regularly meeting and redirected my focus to those areas. Without reservation I recommend this planner to anyone with a busy schedule."--Becky K.

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