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Michael M. Mueller and Ajamu Nkosi

The BIG Disc of ABA Programs

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After the ABLLS-R has been completed, educators are often left wondering how to transform the results into empirical IEP goals and quality ABA training programs.

With the BIG Disc of ABA Programs those concerns are a thing of the past.

Each detailed program can be used with dozens of different children. Each program contains specific instructions for data recording and implementation for baseline and ABA teaching. Each program is customizable for different children and their unique settings, teachers, reinforcers, and steps pertaining to each program.


Why pay a behavior analyst to write your programs?

Why spend hours writing your own?

The BIG Disc of ABA Programs contains more than 500 precisely written, printable, ABA program protocols for every teachable step in the ABLLS-R.

Each of the more than 500 printable teaching programs contains:

A well-written IEP and program objective

A complete baseline implementation procedure

A complete ABA teaching procedure

Detailed data collection procedures for each program

A customizable protocol for individualization so the printable protocols can be used with multiple children.

Custom fields include:

Student name

Teacher name

Materials needed


Baseline procedures

ABA teaching procedures

Simply identify teaching goals through the ABLLS-R, select the ABA program to match that goal with a teaching program and print it out! Never write another program again.

Save thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours writing goals, objective,

and teaching protocols.

Additional features and benefits available in disc format:

As some students might require slightly different prompting and teaching procedures, the BIG Disc of ABA Programs allows the user to modify teaching protocols to match the individual needs of the learner.

Modify baseline procedures

Modify teaching procedures

Modify data collection procedures

Use sub-stepping, task analysis, and intermediate steps

Every aspect of the protocol is customizable



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