Michael M. Mueller and Ajamu Nkosi

Behavior Analytic Consultation to Schools

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Behavior Analytic Consultation To Schools describes a step-by-step best practice approach to providing assessment and treatment of severe behavior problems in school settings.

The BACS model describes in great detail everything needed for behavior analysts to conduct detailed experimental analyses in school settings to determine the function of severe behavior, whether selected treatments are effective treatments, whether staff is implementing interventions with integrity, and whether the treatments are effective in the referral environment.

The BACS model is like no other model of consultation ever described. This expert-based approach relies on empirical analysis, data-based decision making, and single-case methodology.

Behavior Analytic Consultation To Schools describes in very fine-grained detail the methods and procedures of indirect and descriptive functional behavior assessment, issues related to conducting experimental functional analyses in public school settings, selecting treatments based on the results of the analyses, brief treatment analyses to ensure intervention effectiveness, empirically supported teacher and staff training methods to ensure high treatment integrity, generalization analyses to ensure effectiveness with staff and in the referral environment, and social validity measures and assessment.

The BACS model addresses years of criticism directed at previous models of consultation and is the only model that relies on the guiding principles and tenets of Applied Behavior Analysis.

Behavior Analytic Consultation To Schools is ideal for behavior analysts, behavior therapists, and behavior specialists working with children who demonstrate very challenging behavior. Undergraduate and graduate students in special education, school psychology, behavior analysis, and applied behavior analysis programs will consider this text required reading when learning the methods involved in severe behavior referrals in school settings.

The BACS Model in the Community

The Behavior Analytic Consultation to School Model has been published in the International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy.

"Behavior Analytic Consultation to Schools is the most innovative text available for behavior analysts working in school settings. After more than 10 years providing services to children in public schools, the BACS model has literally changed the way I provide services. The model has helped provide structure, support, and guidance to my day-to-day activities. The authors should be commended for taking such a strong stand against the overly relaxed manner in which services are typically provided in schools."--Behavior Analyst, Georgia

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